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Let's Run for India

Passion for running has been growing by quantum jump with several marathons happening across the country over the years along with the evolution of running as a significant fitness solution.

Ahmdavadis have always absorbed the new trends in fitness and decided and dictated their own choices; thus making it an ideal choice of host.

Markcom Sports (A Div. of Markcom Solutions Pvt. Ltd.) in alliance with Sports Authority of India, Gandhinagar & The Karnavati Club presents the first of its kind marathon on the theme of Republic, Patriotism and Fitness – THE REPUBLIC RUN for the fit and fettle people of Ahmedabad.

The event will witness participation from the members of Karnavati Club & other prominent clubs of Ahmedabad, athletes from Sports Authority of India, award winning players from various sports, dignitaries, business tycoons, professionals, students and fitness freak citizens of Ahmedabad.

The Republic Run is a combination of competitive run and non-competitive run. There are no registration charges. Each participant is getting kit with designed t-shirt & cap, breakfast and a certificate of participation.

The event gets ended with presentation ceremony & live performance by a renowned band who serves incredible patriotic music.

It's a time to showcase the world that you care for your fitness & your care for your country.

Come forward and show the true spirit of patriotism.

07:30 AM
Sunday 22nd January, 2017
Karnavati Club , Gandhinagar-Sarkhej Highway, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380058

In the beginning, there was a chaos. Surprisingly, it still remains. Maybe on a different forum? A different cause?

In spite of being the Yoga capital, the big bang of lifestyle diseases and struggle in life due to high level of stress, pollution, unhealthy food and the peer pressure have dampen our lives miserably.

To son and daughters, uncle and elderly, it's time to jump the humps, move past the roadblocks of unhealthy lifestyle on the way to becoming a patriotic and strong backbone.

Let's break the unfit bandhan and strive to be a fit and patriotic citizen.

This Republic Day, let's take a long walk to Freedom and break new ground for progressive India. Let our country's childhood and our comrades' determination, friendship and patriotism be our inspiration. Together, we can make a difference.

The Republic Run: A Way Forward